Contact Us

Feel free to contact us via any of the methods below if you should have any inquiries about the agency or would like additional information pertaining to agency operations. If you are interested in employment with the Student Design Agency, please follow this link to our employment page.

Princeton Student Design Agency
003 48 University Place
Princeton, NJ 08544

Executive Director:
Rae Perez ’19

Associate Director:
Ilene E ’21

Agency Staff:
Alice Maiden ’19
Alice Wang ’19
Annabelle Tseng ’19
Kyra Gregory ’19
Linda Luo ’19
Sarah Pan ’19
Ivy Xue ’20
Leanna Nguyen ’20
Sanna Lee ’20
Sonia Murthy ’20
Aydan Celik ’21
Jamie Guo ’21
Jeongmin Cho ’21
Linh Nguyen ’21
Sharon Zhang ’21
Wendy Ho ’21


Phone: (609) 258-4906
Fax: (609) 258-2853

Twitter: @princetonsda
Facebook: princetonsda