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A design brief is a written explanation given to a designer outlining the goals and objectives of a design project. A detailed brief is a critical part of the design process; it helps to establish an understanding between client and designer, serving as an essential reference tool throughout the project.

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The organization profile is an important way in which a designer can learn about your organization. By understanding your mission statement, services, and knowing like-organizations, we will have a much better idea of your specific design needs.

What product, service, or activity you provide, mission statement, and/or brief history

Like organizations/competitors (Provide links to websites if applicable)

Project Description

The project description is your opportunity to provide the important details of the product that you would like. Good design can influence the success of a campaign, but clear project goals are essential. We must have your exact text or you must indicate that exact text is not yet available and provide it before our turnaround cycle begins. Failure to do so will incur an extra charge for the time spent correcting the design. Finally, please provide design examples to allow the designer to have a better understanding of the style you are looking for in the final product. Links are appreciated, but feel free to use the file upload.

Project Goals (e.g. "Design a poster for an upcoming dance company show.")

Target Audience (e.g. Undergraduates interested in dance)

Project Format (e.g. 200 qty full-color 11x17 posters)
The Student Design Agency prints with the Digital Print Center, associated with Princeton's Print and Mail Services. If you choose to use the Digital Print Center, please note that you will be paying for printing costs separately from design costs. Also note that the Digital Print Center does not deliver on weekends, so plan accordingly.

Project Content (exact text please)

Design Examples (provide links to websites if applicable or email with the attached files)

Project Constraints

Providing budget expectations will give the designer a good idea of the type of solution they will be able to provide. In "Schedule", please list a specific deadline that the final design (not printing) must be delivered to you. If you are currently in a different time zone and need a proof or final design by a specific time, please be aware that we work in Eastern time and include the corresponding time constraints. Please check out our rates for more detailed information.

Please keep in mind that we are not responsible for printing turnaround. If you choose to have us send the project to print at the Digital Print Center, please allow them at least two days to physically proof and print your project.



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