Below are our standard design rates. As each individual project varies, actual costs will inevitably vary slightly. The rates below serve as a general guide for the purpose of estimation. Formal quotes are presented for client approval upon receipt of project information. Rates are billed to the nearest half hour. Prices do not include printing or postering.

The Student Design Agency prints with the Digital Print Center, associated with Princeton's Print and Mail Services. Please contact them for print rates as they are billed separately. Please allow them at least two days to physically proof and print your project.

To place an order with us, please fill out a print or web design request form.

Print Design

Design Rates and Timeframe

Plan Timeframe Hourly Rate
Standard 10 days or more $33.00 / hr
Rush 7-9 days $43 / hr
Accelerated Rush 4-6 days $52.50 / hr
Two to Three-day 2-3 days $82.50 / hr
Overnight 1 day $132.00 / hr

Please note that we cannot guarantee that we will be able to take on overnight jobs! If you would like a design completed overnight, send in your request as usual and we will let you know whether we can take on the project.

Design Hours Estimate

Project Type Hours Estimate
Posters, Postcards, Brochures, Banners 8-10 hours
T-shirts, Hoodies, Other Clothing8-10 hours
Brand Identity Design (Stationary, Logos, Icons)Hours per project basis
Other ProjectsPlease Inquire

Web Design and Digital Media

Rates and Timeframe

Plan Timeframe Hourly Rate
Standard 1-4 months $33.00 / hr
Rush Please inquire $50-$85 / hr

Hours Estimate

Project Type Hours Estimate
Email Templates 4-6 hours
Digital Ads 4-6 hours
Website Design (no CMS)20+ hours; please inquire
Website Design (with CMS)35+ hours; please inquire