Princeton University Graphic Design Conference

We are proud to present Story: The Designer’s Personal Narrative, the fifth-annual Princeton Graphic Design Conference. Through this conference, we will bring together professional designers and university students to think critically about the function of self-expression in design.

All conference activities will take place in McCormick Hall, adjacent to the University Art Museum on the Princeton University campus, unless otherwise indicated. Please see the travel page for directions to the conference venue.

8:30–9:30am Check-In Breakfast

9:45–9:55am Seating

“Gail Anderson: Fearless Persistence & Dumb Luck”
Gail Anderson, Anderson Newton Design

“Your Story Goes Here: Designing Around Personal Narrative”
Erika Tarte, Local Projects

12:00–1:45pm Lunch

“Six Nice Projects and One Stinker”
Alicia Cheng and Sarah Gephart, MGMT.

3:35–3:45pm Afternoon Break

“Seductive Dignity: Countering Social Exclusion in Mainstream Spectacle”
Andy Chen, Isometric

4:45–5:00pm Audience Giveaway

5:00–6:00pm Reception